About The Company

Since our founding in 1972 PECO has been designing and manufacturing innovative outdoor power equipment in North Carolina. Our products are engineered for superior performance and rugged durability.

The team at New PECO, Inc. is committed to constantly improving our products, while provide excellent customer service. Visit www.lawnvac.com to see our complete line of lawn vacuums and outdoor power equipment.

Since its introduction more than 10 years ago, the Brush Blazer has been the most capable walk-behind brush cutter on the market. With constant design improvements, it continues to get better.

The Brush Blazer was born when a friend asked the original owner of PECO to create a brush mower for his business that would work better than oversized lawnmowers that were on the market at the time. Something that could actual cut brush, not just tall grass and the occasional 1″ sapling. From that simple requested, a monster was born! See it in action and you’ll believe it. Brush Blazer: Blaze Your Own Path!