What People Say

Lloyd S. | Home Land Owner | Asheville, NC

In recent years I cleared or thinned several acres of woodland near my house to open the view and provide room for small ornamental trees. Apparently my intervention angered Mother Nature. She immediately started reclaiming all open space with thorny vines, scrubby trees and unsightly underbrush. We were at war and, as usual, she was winning.
I fought back with every brush cutter I could find, from hand held weed eaters to rented walk behinds to hired tractor-towed heavy mowers. None could “cut it”. The smaller units couldn’t penetrate and chew heavy underbrush. The larger units couldn’t fit or maneuver in tight spaces.  And none could climb my moderate slopes without slipping or tilting.
What I needed was a small, powerful, TRACKED brush cutter. I found none–until Google led me to PECO’s Brush Blazer. It looked like exactly what I needed. Of course I was skeptical of the likely advertising hype, but PECO was willing to rent me a machine and operator to prove their claims.
I am delighted to share that the Brush Blazer is even better than advertised, a happy rarity of under promise and over delivery. It never stalled, slipped or broke. It cut and essentially mulched everything  from reeds to saplings. And it moved fast enough to compete economically against seated operator tractors. I commend the thoughtful engineers at PECO and the skilled operator they provided.
I submit this testimonial without prompting or compensation. When somebody gets it right they deserve to be recognized.


 Jon Ardis | Home Land Owner | Eutawville, SC

The property owner did now want any heavy machinery on the property, so in 2016 I tried clearing a few “kill plots”. With the help of two Husqvarna chain saws, a heavy duty weed eater with a metal blade and a rented Billy Goat Brush cutter I was able to clear a total of about an 1/8th of an acre in two days. Of course this was in the middle of June in South Carolina with 90+ degree weather. The jungle was full of 1” to 5” diameter scrub trees up to 20’ high embedded with vines and briars. Cutting the small trees at the base was a futile attempt because it was impossible to pull them out with because of the tangled vines.

The next year after having an unsuccessful deer season on the property I continually researched machines that would not leave a huge impact on the property. The Peco Brush Blazer looked to be the perfect tool and it was indeed.

I was amazed at the power of this machine. The company advertises that the Brush Blazer would cut trees up to 4” in diameter…and it will. The Billy Goat was a waste of time for my property. With the Brush Blazer, without even picking up my Husqvarna more than a handful of times we were able to clear a ½ acre kill plot in a matter of a few hours. This would have taken a week with my chainsaw and rented Billy Goat. Only once did the Brush Blazer get stuck in the tangled mess and the attached winch pulled it out in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, I have another 14 acres that was mostly clear cut a few years ago and didn’t have the tall vines wrapped around trees like the 30 acres, however, I was able to clear a ½ acre spot and cut deer trails completely around the property in a matter of a few hours.

The Brush Blazer is the perfect machine for hunting clubs and bow hunters in general where getting bigger machines back in deep cover would be impossible. Not only is the machine easy to operate, it’s actually fun to use. The price tag on the machine is a bit much for the average hunter, however, if rental companies offered the machine I know I would rent it several times a year. ”

 Mark Helms | Home Land Owner | Madison County, NC

“I have been maintaining and reclaiming steep mountain pastures in Madison County, North Carolina. Until equipment maintenance became cost prohibitive, I used a John Deere 350 bulldozer to maintain these fields. The Brush Blazer, with its low center of gravity, makes an ideal mower and brush cutter in areas I wouldn’t dare go on my four wheel drive tractor. I have a walk behind BCS gear driven tractor which is no match for the Brush Blazer. I am sixty-eight years old and find the Brush Blazer easy to handle.”

 Paul Cantrell | Crabapple Landscape Experts | Alpharetta, GA

“The Brush Blazer has helped us grow our retention pond maintenance business. This machine will get into places others won’t.”

 Aron Fowler | Purendeavors, Inc. | Greenville, SC

“The Brush Blazer cuts our job time in half, so now we are much more profitable.”

 Lewis Guthrie | Home Land Owner | Hillsborough, TN

“The PECO Brush Blazer does exactly what they advertise it will do and more. The machine completed tasks in months that would have taken a year or more to complete with my bush hog and chainsaw, if at all. Because you are walking behind the machine you can confidently go anywhere on very steep rugged terrain. And although it is incredibly maneuverable, there are those times when you get the machine to go somewhere, but maybe shouldn’t have. That’s when that nice winch comes in very handy to pull it out.”

It is built tougher than any machine I have ever owned. I’ve encountered rocks, abandoned fencing, stumps, logs etc. not seen in time to stop. And when you make one of those mistakes, the customer service is there, the best I have experienced on any product of any kind. This team built an awesome product and they keep improving it so that any job is doable. The team building fences behind us named it the Angry Little Machine!