Consumer Ordering Info

If you have some land that has needs the underbrush cleared and maintained, the Brush Blazer is your machine. Whether you own a deer lease, municipality worker, power company, or just own some acreage, the Brush Blazer makes the job of clearing unwanted overgrowth a piece of cake. We actually shot our video at the property of Dennis Weaver, a local man who owns a small farm with some woods and wanted to maintain current trails and create some new ones. Dennis, like many others, had been doing it the old fashined way with chainsaws and a lot of sweat. Those days have come and gone where now, all he has to do is fire up his personal Brush Blazer and mow down some trees and plow through the underbrush. I’ve met other people that use “bush hogs” or tractor pull-behind cutters and their complaint is that alot of the sapplings simply get bent over and will spring back up in a day or two. Sounds silly to me to run a machine through underbrush, and still have to go back with a saw and cut trees down.

The Brush Blazer, on the other hand, will deliver. It is stout enough to literally rams through underbrush and briars like they were a pile of leaves and will cut and mulch trees up to 6″ thick. The tracks let it “float” over the irregularity of the terrain and allow it to climb just about any incline cutting anything in it’s path. We designed the Brush Blazer for a rental stores with the homeowner in mind. We wanted to make a machine that would demolish underbrush yet was easy and safe enough for the average Joe to operate. The Brush Blazer even comes standard with a winch in case you find some fallen trees in your way and you need to relocate them.