Ordering Info for Rental Yards

As legend has it, the original owner of PECO had a friend who owned a rental yard. He came to Peter and asked if he could make him a brush cutter that would actually work and could cut down more than just a 1″ sappling. As like many, the rental yard owner owned the typical machines that had wheels and a glorified lawnmower blade, so PECO decided to make a machine unlike any other that would not be as limited as the industry standards. A machine that cut not only cut down 1″ sapplings like they were toothpicks, but a machine on tracks with double blades that could cut down 4″ trees and mulch them up. Now this may seem like overkill for a brush cutter, but that’s like saying a track hoe is overkill for a shovel, it just makes the job easier.

I’ve followed up with rental yard owners who own a Brush Blazer, and they tell me now that their “smaller” machines don’t rent out anymore. People will spend the extra money to rent a machine that’s going to make the job easier, be less physically abusive to the operator, and simply clear more material quicker. And what’s great about the Brush Blazer is that it’s still easy to operate and doesn’t require any previous machine operating experience. What makes the Brush Blazer different from the smaller machines is that you don’t have to “muscle” the machine around like a roto-tiller, you just simply “guide” the Brush Blazer around, pushing the trees down in front of you as it cuts them.