Why Brush Blazer® ?

The Brush Blazer is a unique tool for mowing the thickest of brush. It’s a huge time-saver for people with difficult clearing jobs, yet it costs a fraction what you would invest in a Skid Steer with a mounted brush mower. Here a just some to the jobs our customers have used the Brush Blazer for:

Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Brush Blazer is the ultimate tool for maintaining utility and roadside
right-of-ways. It cuts as much as a whole crew with chainsaws and handheld brush cutters, at a fraction of the labor costs. Its compact size and slope climbing tracks let it work in places a tractor with a brush mower just can’t go.

Retention and Detention Pond Maintenance

The Brush Blazer eliminates the need to do this work by hand. Our customers report doing twice the work in half the time compared to clearing ponds with handheld tools. The Brush Blazer’s light footprint, just 4 PSI of ground pressure, means no expensive remediation of the damage caused by heavier equipment.

Fire Prevention and Fuel Abatement

Remove the fuel (brush) before it burns! Create a defensible space in a fraction of the time hand cutting requires. Because the Brush Blazer’s blades reduce much of the cut material to mulch there very little debris left that needs to be removed.

Under Brush

Clear under and around trees in areas too tight to fit a tractor or even a skid-steer.

Trail Cutting

Blaze a trail over all kinds of terrain and remove saplings up to 4" in diameter with also the maneuverability to work around the larger trees without the risk of root damage.

Field Mowing

Mow the heaviest grasses and saplings up to 4" inches. Cut up to 6 acres a day. The Brush Blazer is the perfect tool for reclaiming the field, or lawn, which has been too long unmaintained.