Why Brush Blazer® ?

From commercial use to residential property owner, The Brush Blazer is the only hydraulically driven tracked machine able to take down 6″ diameter saplings as well as do a finished cut worthy of a zero-turn mower! Here are just a few applications of New PECO’s Brush Blazer:

Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Brush Blazer is the ultimate machine for maintaining utility and roadside Right-of-Ways. The road side crew will be a thing of the past as the Brush Blazer will cut out the numerous chainsaw and hand held weed eaters/brush cutters that raise labor and fuel costs within your company.

Underbrush Abatement

Clear under and around trees with zero-turn precision at a 3’ cut height. The Brush Blazer has a two disc/six flail blade system that allows you to cut and mulch the vast majority of invasive foliage that exists on vines, bushes and thicker more compact brush.

Field Mowing and Lot Clearing

The Brush Blazer is the perfect machine for any reclamation project. Clear your field or unmaintained lot of all heavy grasses and brush which will allow you to take back your property and visibly define your boundaries.

Trail Creation and Maintenance

Create then maintain trails of varying degree and difficulty through all types of terrain. The Brush Blazer is able to cut a 48’ width while on grades of 30% or greater.

Retention Pond Maintenance

The Brush Blazer with a 3 PSI ground pressure means no more expensive remediation of damage caused by heavier equipment. Your company will do twice the work in half the time with the elimination of hand held equipment.

Landscape Preservation

Weighing in at only 1,240 pounds, PECO’s brush cutter is a one-man machine with easy maneuverability. The Brush Blazer allows you to clean and clear around gas/oil pipelines on private land as well as maintain boundaries around golf courses, residences and job sites without harming the property.

Wildlife Habitat Viability

Thin out your land for the retention and or new arrival of wildlife. Allow all of your vital flora to exist by eliminating thicker foliage that decreases the ability of wildlife to thrive on larger tracts of acreage. Create shooting lanes for hunters or paths for larger animals to move freely in their habitat.