Brush Blazer® Field and Brush Mower

Model TBB-3002 – Features

You wouldn’t expect a field and brush mower to have many features, but then again, the Brush Blazer is not your ordinary land clearing equipment. Let’s start with the motor: A stout 37hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI fuel injected engine with electric start. This motor has its own charging system keeping life in the battery, which is crucial since a winch comes standard to help drag anything out of your cutting path. The winch is directly wired to the battery and can pull up to 1700 lbs

The rotary brush cutting system, this is what separates us from the rest: 2 half inch thick steel discs each containing 3 hammers. Each hammer has 2 hardened steel flails accompanied by a carbide stump grinder tooth. Each disc weighs in at 48lbs giving it plenty of strength and momentum to muscle through the toughest brush. With a massive 48″ cutting width, clearing your land will go a lot quicker than with conventional machines.

We’ve heard complaints of competitors’ machines being a “work-out” to operate. I don’t know about you, but I believe the machine should do the work for me. This is how we designed the Brush Blazer brush cutter; you don’t push the machine where you want it to go, you follow it! Weighing in at 1200lbs, the Brush Blazer mows over underbrush like a train. We situated the controls at a comfortable height keeping both hands within the frame of the machine.

Now when your goal is to build something as strong as a tank, it only makes sense that you put tracks on it. What’s nice about a track design is that one, you don’t ever pop a tire, and two, you’re not as limited as to what you can run over. More ground contact means more power to plow through the meanest underbrush.